manufacturing stealth: aerospace and its absence in Los Angeles

stealth is both the object of study and an analytic for examining how one keeps large production efforts hidden from view and the strange absent presence of the military-as-economy in the regional and national imgaination

the afterlives of labor: automation and its effects

this project examines the future of human labor in the age of AI and automation through the unfolding battles over automation at the San Pedro Bay Ports 

open wounds: California’s postwar industrial revolution

this project explores the history and ecological legacy of aerospace and oil, chemical manufacturing and mining that undergirded California’s seemingly endless expansion in the postwar period  

indian medicine

this project examines the relationship between expertise and immigration in a globaliizing world through the post 1965 story of South Asian doctors in the US

cantonment: nature and the city in India

military bases occupy large swatches of urban space in India. This project explores how security, cities, and nature are emerging in relation to each other in the twenty-first century

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